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Our Marketing ExpertiseDrive Your Nonprofit Excellence


The right marketing and strategic planning can help an organization achieve success. Engaging donors and volunteers throughout the year can produce sustained support and long-term relationships. Dynamic provides nonprofit marketing-related services in the following areas:

Staffing Solutions – staffing (short-term, long-term, and full-time) in the areas of marketing, social media, and internal and external communication. Unique to Dynamic is its Complimentary Advisory Program (CAP) that provides time, free of charge, with a C-level staff member of the Dynamic team. This time can be used at the client’s discretion to receive advice or counsel.
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Marketing Strategy and Processes – marketing plans and internal processes; brand development, including value proposition and mission statement development; and internal marketing processes.

Organizational Structures – marketing department analysis and redesign; optimum organizational structures; and job descriptions review and creation.

Member Engagement – strategic planning; implementation tactics; donor/member list segmentation and messaging; and results tracking and evaluation.


The differences in generational giving provide insight into how best to engage and retain donors in each segment.

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